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Doom Charts

First position on July 2022 Doom Charts. 

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Doom Charts

8th position of Doom Charts' top 100 albums of 2022

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Legacy Magazine

''(...) the gentlemen from Montreal don't go wrong in any way, as they master both their instruments and the art of cohesive songwriting. There are no weak tracks on the album (...) '' (Rating : 11 ponkte) 

Powerplay Magazine

''It’s punchy and grinding, the sort of thing you can imagine a circle-pit

of be-patched denim-cut long-hairs stomping round (...) some solid song writing, (...), and there’s some properly tasty playing." (Rating 7/10)

Distorted Sound Mag

''Overall Sons Of Arrakis: Volume 1 channels a rich understanding of what makes Dune such an interesting read in its overall tone and interpretation; the sinister, doom-leaning edge that stoner rock can conjure adds a new dimension to the story, while still maintaining its sense of psychedelic experimentation (...)" (Rating 8/10)

Doom Charts - Crypt Guard

''The four-piece goes through the themes of the first couple of books with a riff-heavy yet playful demeanor, successfully painting their own vision of Herbert’s mysteriously archaic sci-fi monument with a fitting desert rock aesthetic.''

Doom Charts - Fuzzy Cracklins

"The Canadian quartet SONS OF ARRAKIS delivers fuzzed-out riffs with killer vocals which would serve well as the soundtrack to either of the Dune movies or the TV series."

Metal Universe

"(...) Sans autre formalité ni cérémonie, Frédéric (voix) et compagnie, trois Gibson SG à la main, nous ont balancé un rock pesant comme celui de Black Sabbath et, plus récemment, de Soundgarden à ses débuts. Tellement pesant que la batterie en a perdu des morceaux (...)"

Le Festif! de Baie-Saint-Paul

"Les membres de Sons of Arrakis sont originaire de Montréal même si leur musique vient d'un autre univers. Influencés grandement par le classique de science-fiction « Dune », de Frank Herbert, leur musique transmet un son stoner unique, où l'on peut ressentir la lourdeur d'un voyage galactique difficile à vivre. Soyez prêts à affronter un fuzz aussi puissant que l'addiction aux épices galactiques!"

Sur l'ombre média


"(...) Sons of Arrakis wind up a crisp and mega-dynamic sound that is dried up and smoothed by salty winds and viscous and devouring sands of the dangerous galactic desert. Premium guitar riff fuel and tricky turns of the time signature create not just a fuzz-rock headbanging, but the magic of the adventure that barely circulates in ordinary life now. You can call it Melange Rocк."

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